LiT Foundations

Comprehensive 4-week Group Program

Next Group starts April 29 

Accelerate and Thrive through Your Transition

Have you been laid-off or feel stuck in a job and want to create what’s next? Don't do it solo! Don't just hack it. There is a better way and a proven process. 

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a guided path forward. LiT Foundations is a comprehensive 4-week group program that will lead you to more clarity, meaning and purpose. It is a powerful journey that helps you come back stronger; grown, inspired and connected! It's also more fun than doing it alone. 

Next Group Starts Mon, April 29

Week 1

Accept & Commit

Skillful facilitation, exercises, meeting others,  thoughtful discussion and "homework", will help you let go, embrace what is, and commit to moving forward in the most positive, energized and inspired way.  

Now you feel ready.

Week 2

Clarity & Vision

Begin to see the next right thing for your journey. Reconnect to your values, your strengths, your uniqueness and gifts, and what lights you up. You'll open your mind to new possibilities and create a clear and motivating vision.

Now you know what you want.

Week 3

Focus & Strategy

Design your strategy, identify milestones and build your plan. Shift into action to explore and refine as you go. Feel connected and supported. Enjoy true community that is stick-built in the shared experience of transition. 

Now you have a plan.

Week 4

Momentum & Acceleration

Stack your plan with achievable steps, set mitigation strategies in place if things don't go as hoped, take action, and get support to keep moving. Your LiT Community will travel with you and become part of your accountability team. 

Now you're on your way.

Includes . . . 

4 Weekly, Facilitator-Guided Group Workshops of 90 minutes duration

Follow our proven process, one week at a time with a structured curriculum, community wisdom and expert facilitation. 

Personalized Coaching 

Gain new perspectives and insight and discover your unique way to making sure that what's next is what's right for you. 

Connection & Community

Every week and beyond, you'll soak in the warmth of new-found connections. People who are living through what you're experiencing, who won't judge you, or tell you what to do. And now you'll have your own professional tribe to take with you wherever you go.

Workbook + Meaningful Homework

Take the time to reconnect with you. Spend time in nature to recover your power and confidence. Complete exercises to discover your strengths, uncover your gifts, and define what's most right for your path forward.

Online Coworking

Join focused work sessions to tackle next steps. Start each day with motivation & group accountability. (Optional).