About Us


Help people navigate and thrive through change with greater clarity, confidence and momentum.  We do that by providing guidance, a process, resources, and a supportive community.


People thriving through change, navigating transitions with more purpose, meaning and skills. Emerging from times of change, grown, healed and increasingly aligned with their true nature, passions and unique gifts. Discover new opportunities and find greater fulfillment. 


Accept and Commit: We believe that the past is what got you here and your future is wide open. Accept what is, shift to a possibility mindset and commit to rise through change. 

Community: We foster a supportive and collaborative community where individuals connect, share experiences, and learn from one another.

Growth: We believe in personal and professional growth and provide guidance and resources to help individuals discover new opportunities and find more fun, joy and lightness at work and in life.


Our Approach is science-based, blending the neuroscience of change, positive psychology and human performance through dynamic, interactive curriculum that will help you process your change and find the clarity you seek to move through this phase in your life with purposeful, achievable next steps while making new friends. 

We are TRANSITION EXPERTS with deep experience in supporting leaders through transitions - with positivity, focus and momentum. 

Our Team includes faculty from the world's leading coach training and leadership development organization, Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). 

Our professional coaches have supported countless leaders around the world with a focus on thriving through transition. We have firsthand experience of being laid off. We know the doubt, anxiety, and distress that such transitions can bring, and how these times can provide incredible acceleration to move you into a better and brighter future.


Katrin Windsor, PCC, CTPC
Co-Founder, Co-Active Faculty

CTI Faculty, Peak Performance & Transition Coach, and former Executive, Katrin is fluent in five languages and has trained and coached leaders and teams in over forty countries, helping people change in profound ways.

Michelle Belochi, CPT
Co-Founder, Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach, Leader, Educator, and former VP & Executive Director, Michelle offers professional health and wellbeing expertise to help leaders in transition find their best self and happiness on the path forward.

Our Coaches 

Dorian Cunion, MBA, ACC
Co-Active Transition Coach

Dorian's sales and marketing leadership career spans over two decades and includes a focus on rapid-growth and constant-change environments.

Dr. Merilee Colle Ferdinand, DPT,  MAOM, PCC, CPQC
Transition Coach & Facilitator

With a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management, and decades of coaching expertise, Merilee works with leaders of all levels to optimize their professional performance and achieve their personal goals.

Shakti Radhakishun, MSc, MBSR, CPCC, ACC
Co-Active Transition Coach

Shakti has nearly two decades of experience leading investment banking and finance teams and a background in statistics.  She has also instructed sensory-cognitive process programs.

Sondra Silvon, MA, CPCC, ACC
Co-Active Transition Coach

Sondra has been a leader in Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola and has been an administrator and executive in public education and non-profit organizations.

John Windsor, MBA, CPCC
Co-Active Transition Coach

Author, Entrepreneur, former Broadway actor, and Co-Founder of The Windsor Group, John brings over two decades of marketing executive leadership perspective to the coaching conversation.