Navigate Your Transition with Clarity and Focus

Forge your New Path with a Supportive Community and Expert Guidance 

Have you been laid off? Feel stuck in a job and want to find what's next? Join us! Don't do it solo. Don't just hack it. There is a better way and proven process. 


Welcome to our growing community of leaders in transition. We help you navigate your transition with more clarity, intention and focus.

Group Program 

LiT Foundations - experience a comprehensive 4-week group program and let yourself be guided through your transition, step-by-step, one week at a time. 

Cohort Starts Mon, January 8 - Learn more 

Personalized 1:1 Transition Coaching

Receive personalized support and guidance from our experienced Transition Coaches - because you're unique and so is your journey.  Book a Free Consultation

Wisdom and Community 

Feel connected and supported by a vibrant community of like-minded folks.


Fri, 11/17/24 LiT Workshop: Brainstorming Possibilities - FULL  

Mon, 1/8/24 LiT Foundations - 4 Week Group Program that guides you through your transition, one week at a time. 90-minute workshops on Mondays. Facilitator-Guided. Learn More - Register 

Tue, 1/9/24 Master your Mental Game. Strengthen your Leadership Mindset. 8 Week Program. Guides you through the award-winning Positive Intelligence Program with the expert facilitator Dr. Merilee Colle Ferdinand, DPT, PCC, CPQC. Learn more - Register

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